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Changes to Construction from Covid-19

1. Jobsites will be cleaner and safer

The virus put a spotlight on the importance of worker health and safety, and U.S. contractors responded by implementing new jobsite policies such as staggered shifts, sanitizing soap distributed across jobsites, employee temperature checks and top-to-bottom disinfections of jobsites, tools and machinery.

This emphasis on cleaner, less crowded work areas is one that won’t recede after the virus and we believe will continue for years to come.

Trends show construction managers are implementing a variety of protocols to promote social distancing and employee health, including a ban on major carpooling, a 100% mask and glove policy and well-stocked handwashing on site options.

OSHA could require employers to develop written infectious disease preparedness and response plans;

With all this said the question is how will you be effected by these environment changes when you decide to hire a construction company to buildout your new business or project, simply the costs will increase due to 2 factors, one being the implementation of a cleaner and safer job site protocols and supplies, and two the increase in the time it will take to make sure all construction workers are following the proper protocols for Covid-19 required from and possibly reinforced by state, local and federal regulations as this continues as a industry norm.

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