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What is an Interior Build Out?

Whether you’re starting a new business and need space, or are relocating, more than likely you will need to complete an interior build-out. We will answer “What is an Interior Build-Out?” and more in this post.

BuildPoint Construction Group

ANSWER: interior build out is changing an existing commercial shell into a personalized, usable space for your business’ specific needs. An interior build-out is also commonly referred to as commercial tenant improvements, or leasehold improvements. In most cases, a business looking at a new location will require an interior build-out since it’s rare to find a commercial space out of the box that can meet their exact needs.

One of the more confusing aspects to an interior build-out can be figuring out who is responsible for what. There are many ways tenants (business owners looking to lease a new space and complete an interior build-out) and landlords can handle the financial aspects and responsibilities of a tenant improvement project. At BuildPoint Construction Group Inc, we specialize in Buildout Construction management for clients and walk clients through from design, permitting into construction.

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