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Commercial Build Outs & Renovation – South Florida

Our Summary of build-outs of new commercial space, also known as tenant build-outs, our property assessments assist business owners to begin planning the build-out stages during the search for the new space for your business. Because the properties existing condition, code improvements, cost of your model and extent and cost of a build-out are all part of negotiating with the landlord in the case of rented space, it’s important to consider a number of important issues.

  1. Establish how much Tenant Improvements landlord will pay, particularly when the improvements increase the property value or bring the space up to code and negotiate favorable terms.

  2. Negotiate pre-construction terms favorable to you. A construction project has three phases to keep in mind. Design - Permitting - Construction, each area can take periods of time to complete and a smart negotiator will structure the first lease payments terms at a favorable period.

  3. Make sure that your leasehold improvements agreements are acceptable to your landlord before you sign the lease and better yet, they should be clarified with your broker or agent in your lease.

  4. Discuss your plans with local building inspectors to ensure that they comply with codes and zoning restrictions. ( BuildPoint Construction ( a General Contractor in Boca Raton) and South Florida can do this for you, we are very experienced in Palm Beach, Broward County and Miami Dade.

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